Can I build any kind of App? Can I build the new TikTok using AppifyText.ai?

AppifyText build responsive Web applications and its focus is on Internal Tools, CRUDs, Business Applications, Personal database applications.

Any application that has to do with data collecting, consulting or reporting, using forms as input and tables, datagrids, charts, dashboards to show your data is a good candidate. From the homepage, if you click on "pick an example" you can see several examples.

Can I modify an app after creation?

Yes, click,on "Edit this app" from within the app itself.

Are the applications I create saved somewhere? Can I access them again in the future?

If you are logged in, your apps are automatically saved and you can see them if you click on "My Apps" from the top menu. Each app has a unique link (click on "start" from your App Library to see it).

Each app you crate is temporarily hosted only for a few weeks, then if you want to publish/deploy it on your preferred platform (such as Amazon AWS, MS Azure, your Linux or Windows Intranet Server, any hosting provider, or even self-host on your laptop) click "Publish & Deploy" from within the app itself and follow the instructions.